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Texas Round-Up

The McCrea Outdoors Texas Round-Up is on at HuntingResource.com!

This summer, HuntingResource.com and McCrea Outdoors joined forces to put a BIG smile on the face of one lucky HR Member. It all began when Kenny McCrea graciously donated a management hunt to Hunting Resource to be awarded to one member deemed worthy. Kenny was clear that the hunt should go to someone who would really appreciate it; perhaps someone who had never taken a deer before or someone who has been going through a bit of a rough patch as of late. With that, the Texas Round-Up was on! But, it did not end there. When Dave Watson (from "Mathews TV with Dave Watson" as seen on Outdoor Channel) caught wind of this most generous offer by the McCrea's, he agreed to be present for the hunt, cameras in tow!

Sgt. Andrew Clark Pastusic Sr.The selection process was held silently offline last month. To say that it was a tough decision is a gross understatement. But, we put our finger on the pulse of the membership and were able to narrow down the field. In the end, the lucky member selected for the hunt would be none other than Sergeant First Class (E-7) Andrew Clark Pastusic Sr. of the United States Army. Andrew, otherwise known as "steelrain202" on the HR Forums, has been serving his country for the past 18 years and is recently back in the states after a deployment in Iraq where he was working as a counter IED (Improvised Explosive Device) specialist. (Long time HR members will remember Andrew was a very active member of the forums, even to the point of having been a volunteer forum moderator, before his deployment.) Unfortunately, Andrew was wounded in his most recent deployment. On behalf of everyone involved, our prayers are with Andrew and his family. All things considered, we could not imagine a better candidate to extend this hunt to. Andrew is truly one of our own and his service reminds us all that the freedom we in the U.S. know and enjoy does not come without sacrifice.

When Andrew was made aware of the hunt and his selection he was clearly shocked, even asking if I was serious. It was exactly the reaction one would hope for in such a situation! Andrew and his wife will spend some time with the McCrea's this coming fall/winter where Andrew will hunt with his weapon of choice for beautiful Texas white-tail. Dave Watson and Jeremiah Ross (Owner of HuntingResource.com) are both scheduled to attend as well. It should be a great time and we hope to capture the entire hunt for all of our membership to share in and enjoy.

Special thanks to McCrea Outdoors for making all of this possible, Dave Watson
for all of his support, and Andrew Pastusic for his service to the United States.
To stay up on all of the latest as more details are made available and as the hunt
date approaches, check in on the HR Forums periodically for announcements.

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