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HuntingResource.com Newsletter - October 2010

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Hunting Resource on Safari

This month, we have gone all the way to the Dark Continent to bring our members hunting experiences that simply can not be had in North America. Join Hunting Resource co-administrator, Leo Strick, on an African "mixed bag" bow hunt  near Thabazimbi.

Safari 2010Spiral Horn Dreams: An African Bowhunt

August 18th: I check my bow once more. My bags are packed. Immunizations are up to date. Tomorrow I leave for the Bowhunting Safari in South Africa I booked with Infinito Safaris. The hunt will occur on bow hunting only concessions surrounding the...

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Also join Gerhard Delport of S'Dudla Safaris for a virtual bow hunt of the Impala.

Impala BowhuntBowhunting the Impala

The Impala is one of the most dominant species found on the African savanna and bushveld. They can be found almost anywhere in Southern Africa ranging from southern South Africa to as far north as Kenya. The Impala is also able to adapt to...

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Keep an eye on the HR Articles Database for even more quality articles to come as our staffers and members head into the field this fall.

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Fall Give-Away:

Hunting Resource Give-Away Winner

The winner of the Illusion Systems Extinguisher deer call has been selected!
The top ten list was drawn two weeks ago and was as follows...

Member #243 - "sameeee"
Member #24 - "muledeer"
Member #6 - "7pointbuck"
Member #450 - "markmckinnis"
Member #784 - "Wildcat Hunter"
Member #394 - "bowhunter1347"
Member #315 - "Coalman"
Member #762 - "swamphntr"
Member #81 - "sticknstring"
Member #23 - "1Ranger49"

With a good cross-section of members, the final drawing was held last week.
The Winner:
Member #315 - "Coalman"

Congratulations to "Coalman" on the win!
Folks, this was fun. Let's do it again real soon! Remember, all you have to do to be eligible to win an HR Give-Away is simply Register for the Forums/Community. (The more active you are, however, the more "weight" you carry within the drawing.) So, pass that word on to all of your hunting friends and help HR grow.

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