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HuntingResource.com Newsletter - November 2010

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November Wishes:
Happy Thanksgiving
The New Hunting Resource:

It Still Has That New Web Site Smell

HuntingResource.comIf you haven't been around lately, now is the perfect time to make your way back to HuntingResource.com. We have rebuilt the site from the ground up for better content layout and much easier navigation. From industry news to local weather, it's all there at your finger tips. We've even added a hunter's arcade for the "kids". Of course, our forums and blogs are still our bread and butter and they are now even more integrated with your favorite social media sites. It's now easier than ever to share what you're writing on Hunting Resource with your facebook and twitter friends and vice versa with just the click of a mouse!

Hunting Resource

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Outdoor Television:

Golden Moose Award Voting

Golden Moose Awards

2010 Outdoor Channel Golden Moose Awards Fan Favorite Voting has begun! We at HuntingResource.com always encourage our members to vote their mind. However, we fully support Dave Watson Productions as they have always supported our efforts like no other. "Mathews TV with Dave Watson" is eligible for Fan Favorite Best Overall Series as well as Fan Favorite Hunting Series. Of course, our friend Dave is also eligible for Fan Favorite Host for both "Mathews TV with Dave Watson" as well as "Cabela's Memories in the Field".

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Hunting Resource Features:

Hunting Resource... Resources

This month we have added more video tutorials to our YouTube Channel.

Video TutorialVideo Tutorial: Tying "Cat Whiskers"

Most bow hunters know that "cat whiskers" are still amongst the best string silencers available. But, have you ever wondered how to tie them onto your bow string so that they stay put and stand straight off the string? If so, this video is for you!

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Also join Gerhard Delport of S'Dudla Safaris as he bow hunts the Blue Wildebeest.

African Plains GameThe Poor Man's Buffalo

It was a cold winter morning. It was still dark, but the sun was slowly changing the dark shapes outside the hide in to trees. The birds were just starting their first overture of the morning bush symphony.
My main target is a big Blue Wildebeest....

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Keep an eye on the HR Articles Database for even more quality articles to come as our staffers and members head into the field this fall.

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