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Mathews SolocamFor approximately 39 years, Matt McPherson, CEO of Mathews Inc., has been designing and developing compound bows. Over the years, Matt has truly revolutionized the archery industry with his innovations; most notably to date being the dual-feed single-cam patent. In this tradition, Mathews Solocam has released three new single cam bows for 2009.

This year, Mathews Solocam clearly focused in on speed and efficiency. Mathews has long made the most efficient bows in the industry. (Meaning, the draw cycle versus speed output - what you physically put into drawing the bow against what you get coming out of the bow in arrow speed - is as high a percentage as is available from any compound bow manufacturer today!)

First up is the 2009 Mathews Reezen 6.5. The Reezen 6.5 takes Mathews best innovation to date and raises the bar considerably. With an IBO speed rating of 340 feet per second, the Reezen 6.5 becomes the fastest and most efficient 80% let-off single cam bow available to date! Bearing in mind the comfortable 6.5 inch brace height and very parallel limb design, this bow remains a sweet shooter, despite the blistering speed it puts out.

Mathews Reezen 6.5

Along the same line, Mathews has also released the Reezen 7.0. As the names imply, the Reezen 7.0 has an extra half inch brace height bringing the number to 7 inches. (This has really become the "gold standard" in the industry in most people's minds for a blend between speed and shoot-ability.) The Reezen 7.0 still launches an arrow at 335 feet per second IBO. This model also affords archers an extra .5 inch of draw length, up to 30.5 inch available.

Mathews Reezen 7.0

From this archer's perspective, the Mathews Reezen bows are the most intriguing Solocam offerings to come out of Sparta, WI in recent years.2009 Mathews Reezen 6.5 Aside from the obvious speed factor, these bows have the most parallel limbs in a Mathews bow since the release of the Switchback XT. Much like that bow - and unlike the Drenalin line - the limbs on a Reezen go well beyond parallel at full draw. This extreme parallel arrangement allows the limbs to move in opposite directions from each other on the shot. This creates a vertical cancellation of forces which greatly suppresses "hand shock" and "forward jump" on the shot. Add in that the Reezen has a slightly longer axle to axle length, yet is lighter than the XT thanks to the SphereLock Limb Cup System and Limb Turret, and the new Reezen bows are simply uncompromising in design and performance.

Next in the line-up is the 2009 Mathews Hyperlite. The Hyperlite is an ultra-compact and lightweight bow that has become sort of a signature of Mathews Solocam over the past few years since the introduction of the patented SphereLock Limb Cup System and Limb Turret. In essence, as Matt McPherson notes, Mathews found ways to bring down the weight and price point of their previous year's hot selling DXT model. The result: arguably the finest ground blind or all day hiking bow available today!

Mathews Hyperlite

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Unleash the Beast!

McPherson Series Monster

Long before he started Mathews Solocam, Matt McPherson built and sold bows under the McPherson Archery label. McPherson Archery was perhaps most well known for the dual cam speed bow the “Eliminator”, released in 1989. This past year, Matt was able to re-acquire the McPherson name and on the 20th anniversary of the release of the fastest dual cam bow on the planet for its time, Matt McPherson has released the Mathews “McPherson Series” Monster bow. The Monster - and still yet to be released Monster XLR8 - are the most efficient dual cam bows available on the market today. The McPherson Series Monster bows also feature yet another innovative technology to the archery world from Mathews, the patent pending “Advanced Vectoring System” or AVS. In short, AVS is a synchronization system within the dual cam platform that allows the two cams to work in better harmony and more efficiently than any other two cam system, ever! As if that wasn't enough, the McPherson Series bows also address a long time requested feature of Mathews customers - the first model available in an 80 lb. draw weight option since the Mathews Safari.

Truly a Monster!

Mathews McPherson Series Monster

Like the Monster, the Monster XLR8 (that's Monster Accelerate for those not hip to the lingo) is a pure speed demon! However, the XLR8 pushes the envelope even more at the 360 feet per second IBO mark.

Mathews McPherson Series Monster XLR8

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If you click on any of the bow images above you will be taken to the specific page(s) involving the bow shown on the Mathews Solocam website. I encourage you to do so and watch the short video clips of Mr. Matt McPherson explaining the different aspects of each new Mathews bow release. (The Monster Bow video, in particular, has a great explanation of the Advanced Vectoring System well worth viewing!) It seems that many people around the industry, myself included, end up asking how Mathews Solocam could possibly improve upon perfection this year. But just when you thought there was no where else to go, Matt McPherson and company step up to the plate and hit yet another home run. It is truly amazing to see their industry revolutionizing technology unveiled year after year. It's Christmas in November, I tell you!

As I watch Mathews continue to branch out in the archery industry with the Mission Archery label, Lost Camo, the National Archery in the Schools Program, Centershot Ministries, and Mathews TV, I can't help but feel that God is being faithful to a man who has been faithful to God. Matt McPherson has always given the credit and glory to God for his accomplishments. May Mr. McPherson continue always to correctly place the credit for his success and may God continue to bless my brother in Christ.

Keep on raising the bar! "Catch us if you can!", indeed.

About the Author: Jeremiah has spent most of his young teen and adult life in the hunting and outdoor industry as a long time archery pro shop employee, shooter, and bowhunter as well as former outdoor television production employee for Dave Watson Productions, LLC. Jeremiah is also the owner/administrator of HuntingResource.com and can be reached via the Contact Us link or HR Forums.

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