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Opening day of turkey season in South Carolina has become a personal favorite holiday for me. Since 2002 Aubrey Goettee Jr. and I have hooked up for some absolutely epic hunts on Goettee Brother Farms. We start prepping weeks before the season actually starts; discussing blind locations, asking his Aunt Annabelle lots of questions, reviewing game camera footage and essentially exciting us into incurable insomnia. Annabelle doesn't turkey hunt, but she watches the birds for us on her farm. She is the unsung hero of our successful hunts. Besides the good Lord above himself, no one plays a bigger part. It is said, God speaks to us through the advice of wise council. For us, Annabelle is chairman of the turkey hunting counsel. It isn't all our fancy calls, camouflage, pretty decoys, and well-concocted schemes. If she says they are over here at such and such a time and over there later, the hens are still in flocks, and the gobblers are in groups, you can take that to the bank. She pays attention, keeps an eye out for them and shares the information with us because she loves it when we succeed. I believe she loves us both and that affection is reciprocated.

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Making a wingbone call is not that difficult at all. Below is a set of instructions for making the classic three bone wingbone call. The three bones used in the process are the humerus, ulna, and radius. However, it is also possible to make a wingbone call from only two of the wing bones. It is also possible for a call to be made using two of the wing bones and the upper leg bone of the turkey known as the femur.
Here is a list of the tools and items needed to make a winbone call.

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